We work with other networks for supply & demand

Above Fold Media works with a number of partners around the globe to deliver our advertising inventory to both advertisers and publishers. We’re always looking for more partners, so if you’d like to start a conversation with our team, then contact us.

Benefits for network exchange

  • “First Look” at ad impressions
  • Brand Safe Inventory
  • Inventory Includes Above the Fold Impressions
  • Pre-negotiated CPM pricing arrangements
  • Efficiency gains through programmatic buying
  • Ad Sizes include 300×250, 300x600, 160×600, 728×90
  • Digital Media Buying at Scale
  • Use either your own 1st party data or 3rd party data to improve audience targeting
  • Lock in a fixed CPM rate for impressions
  • Offer Fixed daily impressions

Our ad exchange is great for:

  • Agency Trading Desks
  • Demand Side Platforms / DSPs
  • Retargeters / Remarketers
  • Direct Advertisers